Skateboard Lessons

12247103_10206783106010051_1216752991186228059_nWe have given hundreds of skateboard lessons at Vert Jungle to an incredibly diverse set of individuals including:

  • 7 year-olds just learning how to skate
  • 30 year-old moms (that learned to drop in on the ramp!!!)
  • semi-pro skaters looking to work on specific tricks and technique
  • and everyone in between!

The fact that you can start on the bottom of the ramp, or roll-in using one of the gradually sloped 5 foot roll-ins means that the ramp is accessible to all levels of skating ability. Our skateboard facility in Arroyo Grande is just a hop, skip and a jump from San Luis Obispo and other surrounding areas (Pismo Beach, Nipomo, etc).

10802061_10204967859470022_3529725707574400004_nLesson Pricing

$70 per hour of instruction

*Deal: Buy 10 hours, get two free.

To schedule a lesson please email or call (805) 467-1817.