Skateboard Lessons in San Luis Obispo

So you are interested in learning how to skate? Or you have a feeling your kid could be a really good skateboarder? San Luis Obispo has a thriving skateboard community and is a perfect place to learn to skate.

Here are some options to consider.

What type of skating do you want to learn do?

Commuter skateboarding: This is the most common type of skating. These are the folks on campuses and all around the country using skateboards to get from place to place.

Trick skateboarding: San Luis Obispo is a perfect place to throw massive ollies. With the San Luis Obispo Skatepark nearby you are in a perfect spot to perfect your craft. maxresdefault

Downhill longboarding: San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas have many long winding roads that (if you make sure to be safe and avoid cars and follow the laws) can be great for downhill riding.

Vert skating: Vert skateboarding is a perfect type to learn for people that enjoy multiple board sports. If you also enjoy surfing, or snowboarding getting on the vert ramp will improve your skills hugely. It is also a very accessible type of skating, and one which can avoid the crowds and pressure of a place like the skatepark.

Where should I start? Skateboard lessons in San Luis Obispo!

The good news is that regardless of the type of skateboarding, the fundamentals are exactly the same. Our instructors at the Vert Jungle understand that there are a few fundamentals that can greatly reduce the learning curve for skateboarding, and make sure that you don’t have to unlearn any bad habits. Getting at least one lesson is a very worthwhile investment. Give us a call today and we will get you set up!

Intermediate / Advanced Skateboarding Lessons.

We also have sponsored / pro skateboarders ready to bring your skating to the next level. Give us a ring and let us know about your skill level so we can pair you with the appropriate instructor.

Go on, and shred!

We hope this was helpful, and most importantly, keep skating and having a blast. Peace!


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